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20 January 2015

About DiphiriDotCom

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Established in 2015, DiphiriDotCom is a premium black owned grave closure and general hard labour service company.

Having recognised the need to allow families to focus on what is important on the day that they bid farewell to their loved ones, which day should be a day of calm, remembrance and peaceful reflection, a day on which the extended family and friends should commiserate with the immediate family, DiphiriDotCom has recognised the need to provide the manpower who will do the essential hard labour.

The company was founded by Karabo Ofentse Motshwane. The company is built around the commitment of the local young men who form an integral part of the company’s management.

Operating in Gauteng and with a strong base in Tshwane townships, the company has a permanent human resource of 13 workers and a network of casual workers growing in each area of need.


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  1. wendy

    From: Wendy
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    DiphiriDotCom ‘Let us do the hard labour’.

    What this company is doing is very thoughtful,considerate and extremely helpful,especially in the black community.

    Having experienced recent death in the family I know how painful it is to have to wonder if the people are ‘careful’ during closure of the grave beacause it is done by just anybody,from friends and family members who should be comforting each other at the time. DiphiriDotCom is giving us the opportunity to comfort each other.

    After the funeral grieving family also wonders if the grave is being taken care of in terms of unwanted plants growing and so forth. DiphiriDotCom offers to maintain the graves of our loved ones who have left us.

    DiphiriDotCom is the next best thing!!!!!!

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