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Having identified the need to provide assistance with the hard labour, DiphiriDotCom will provide its services in a dignified, honest and respectful manner. Our attire and branding is subtle to suite the occasion.

Our team will at all times be comprised of a minimum of 10 workers, who will ensure that the service is provided efficiently. We will at all times strive to exceed the expectations of our clients (the families and the supporting funeral service providers).

We provide a premium service and will not compromise on the quality of the service we provide. Extensive research has been conducted, and we have found that it will take no less than the prescribed minimum number of men to provide an efficient service.

We at DiphiriDotCom say to you:

Focus on what’s important. The day you bid your loved one farewell should be a day of calm, remembrance and peaceful reflection. Let your family and friends commiserate with you.