Primary Services 

Our services cover all needs required leading to the day before the main service and on the day of the service. This include the following services listed below.

Meal Preparations

Assisting with Slaughtering and dicing the meat for stew, peeling vegetables and cooking. Our staff compliment is skilled with ladies and gentlemen capable of preparing traditional dishes.

Grave Closure

We provide the manpower and support that will assist with the hard labour associated with the closure of the grave. The service extends to the preparation of the actual grave, including the extension of the size of the grave and if need be, in building the inside wall of the grave to properly secure the more expensive casket.

Assist in placing wreaths and marking the grave.

Waste Management 

Our staff will assist with cleaning up the area after the service. This may include picking up items from neighbour’s front yards, assisting with packing chairs, removing tents and washing dishes.

Benefit to Client

Client need only make one call in order to procure our services. The tradition remains and our loved ones are sent off with dignity. Clients are no longer required to arrange men in the community in order to keep the tradition and assist at the grave site. Many young men and women no longer stay at home and have no connection with the local community. Our view is that clients should not have to endure the added stress of making such arrangements.

Extended family and friends should have an opportunity to commiserate with the immediate family without the hassle and the stress of the hard labour that comes with a funeral service.

Friends and family can now wear their elegant attires to show respect and pay tribute, without concern of the state of the outfit at the end of the service.

Grave Maintenance

It is important to ensure that the final resting place of your loved one is maintained and that it does not capsize. We provide these services in order to ensure that our clients have peace of mind and that the final resting place of their loved one remains a memorial of the loved one for future generations.

We recognise that in time the area around the grave requires maintenance such as:

Removal of weeds;

Removal of all debris (old flowers, plants and other litter), and

General maintenance and general hard labour