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Grave closure

The very foundations of Diphiridotcom are established on this service offering. Our dedicated team will be stationed at the cemetery to assist with grave closure and placing of wreaths. We provide all the tools necessary to get the job done so our client’s can rest assured in knowing that we will deliver exceptional and timeous service at the cemetery.

Slaughtering and meal preparation

Depending on the range of the services elected by our clients, our team will arrive at the client’s home the evening before the date of the event to assist with slaughtering cattle (where applicable) and assisting with meal preparation. This service will include peeling, slicing and dicing vegetables and cooking where requested. Please note that it is in the client’s best interests to set up a consultation with regard to anticipated numbers of attendance in order for our team to provide accurate advice in terms of catering requirements. This service does not include the costs of groceries and this will be to the client’s account.

Erecting tents and placing heavy equipment

Our team prides itself in its strong labour offering. Where necessary, our team will take proactive measures in ensuring that tents are erected and tables, chairs, speakers etc. are all set up before commencement of the event. This service includes general hard labour as per client’s request.

Washing dishes

Our team who assist with meal preparations remain stationed at our client’s home and assist with general labour requirements throughout the day, this includes dishing up and washing dishes once the guests have enjoyed their meal.

Waste management

Cleanliness is next to godliness is the motto our team lives by. At the conclusion of our client’s event we ensure that the area is left clean and presentable. Our team will collect all waste produced during the event and will tidy up tables and stack chairs where necessary in order to leave it as close as possible as it was before the event.

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